Malaysia 14th General Election flags of war

Villagers at Kampung Gunung Sali in Kedah. ADIB RAWI YAHYA

During the nomination day at MPAJ Multipurpose Hall, Ampang in Kuala Lumpur. ZULFADHLI ZAKI

 Barisan Nasional banners installed at the Jeti Boat Tambang in Teluk Intan, Perak. ASYRAF RASID

A cyclist ride past the giant PAS flag at the middle of paddy field at Hutan Kampung, Kedah. ADIB RAWI YAHYA

Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Harapan Flag is seen at Bagan Datuk, Perak. ASYRAF RASID

Pakatan Harapan flag at Batu Dua Puloh in Teluk Intan, Perak. ASYRAF RASID

Barisan Nasional flag at Ampang in Kuala Lumpur. SHAHRILL BASRI

Pakatan Harapan flags at Kota Raja in Kelang, Selangor. KAMARIDUAN MOHD NOR

Barisan Nasional supporter holding a flag during the nomination day at MPAJ Multipurpose Hall in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. ZULFADHLI ZAKI

Barisan Nasional flags at Kampung Bharu in Kuala Lumpur. SHAHRILL BASRI

A large poster in Kampung Haji Ghaffar, Yong Peng in Johor features text urging residents to remain cordial regardless of their political affiliation. ASHRAF SHAMSUL 

A motorcyclist rides past party flags at Kampung Sungai Kertas near Kuala Lumpur. ADIB RAWI YAHYA

Impressive drone aerial photographs by theSun Team.

Toll booth at LDP Sunway. 
By Kamariduan Mohd Nor

Bersih 4 rally participants performs prayers outside the Dataran Merdeka. 
By Norman Hiu
Areal view from Dataran Merdeka. 
By Ashraf Shamsul

Bersih rally at Dataran Merdeka.
By Kamariduan Mohd Nor

The high tide phenomenon had caused floods in several areas in Rantau Panjang, Kelang. 
By Ashraf Shamsul

Fire department personnel carried out one of four suspect armed house break-in theft body after shoot dead by police at Kajang Silk Highway. 
By Ashraf Shamsul

Toll booth at Batu 3, Shah Alam. 
By Ashraf Shamsul

The Sun team led by its managing editor Freddie Eng during its relief mission to help flood victims in Penang. 
By Ashraf Shamsul

An aeriel view of the receded flood which allows an access to Kampung Padang Songson, Tasik Gelugur. 
By Ashraf Shamsul

An aeriel view of the receded flood which allows an access to Kampung Padang Songson, Tasik Gelugur. 
By Ashraf Shamsul

'Arts and Lights in Icon City'

Icon City host Malaysia's first interactive pop-up art and technology platform themed 'Arts and Lights in Icon City'. Over 30,000 sq ft of space in Icon City turned into creative installations, interactive props and colourful rooms of art. Apart from the Vista Interactive Space, Leong expects Galaxy of Centura, Southville Space Party, Dimension Room, Flying Over Meridin East, Anti-Gravity, and Aruna in the Sky to be among the crowd pullers for the event. Pix by Asyraf Rasid

Through the viewfinder of MASRY CHE ANI

A Hindu devotees carrying kavadi around his body to fulfill his vow during Thaipusam festival in Lorong Kulit, Datuk Keramat.

Thousands turned up before sunrise at the Sri Mariamman Temple in Lebuh Queen for the first procession of the Golden Chariot.

Motorists passing by Lebuhraya Tun Dr. Lim Chong Eu were caught off suprise after a total of 240 Jalur Gemilang culminates a flat in view with National Day. The flags were hung up ny residents at the Desa Putra flat in Persiaran Bayan Indah on Saturday to celebrate National Day in a week. The Jalur Gemilang could be seen well placed in the neighbourhood while motorists slowing down to catch a glimpse of the premises being well-coloured with the flags.

Workers still spotted carrying out works at the illegal carbon filter factory in Sungai Lembu, Bukit Mertajam. 

The Kek Lok Si temple is officially illuminated with lights as thousands of bulbs and lanterns lighted up to usher in Year of the Dog which begins on Friday. Colourful fireworks display also brightens up the sky after the lights switched on. The annual ceremony has atracted thousands of devotees to the temple at foot of the hill in Air Itam throughout the year. It is also one of biggest occasions celebrated in conjunction with Lunar New Year.

Through the viewfinder of ADIB RAWI YAHYA.

A worker hanging lanterns in preparation for the Chinese New Year celebrations in Kuala Lumpur.

A giant flag prepared by students to mark the nation's 60th Merdeka celebration.

Protesters gather during the Bersih 5.0 Rally in Kuala Lumpur.

A picture taken with 360° camera during the 60th Merdeka Day celebration at Dataran Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur. 

Students performing the biggest 24-hour drums performance for Malaysia Book of Records.

Mah Meri Ancestor Day (Hari Moyang)

Members of the Mah Meri tribe of Malaysia have just completed their annual ancestor-worship ceremony, an elaborate ritual involving dancers with intricately-carved masks who perform the historic Main Jo-oh dance for the annual Hari Moyang festival in Pulau Carey, 90 miles from the capital Kuala Lumpur. The local people use the festival as an opportunity to offer prayers and blessings to their forebears, as well as thanking ancestors for good fortune in the past and hoping for future prosperity. 

Payang or shaman is regarded as an important person in their social structure as he is among the conduits to the unseen beings.

In terms of their beliefs, Mah Meris practise animism. They turn to the forest, sea for their source of livelihood and spiritual life. These will be realised the form of figurines, which would be connected to their ancestors and natural environment.

There would often be two forms- the good or the bad. This is the reason why they conduct various ceremonies as a sign of respect and to appease the spirits or even unseen beings who they believe are responsible for structuring as well as meting oul punishment on their life. 

The Jo'oh dance is a ritual dance performed on the Hari Moyang (ancestors' day) by the Mah Meri community in Carey Island, Klang, as a form of ancestor worship to ensure their happiness and good fortune. In this dance, the dancers, who comprise Mah Meri girls, would dance around the resam tree or ant hill three times using different hand movements right up to the ninth turn. The Tok Pawang, wearing the Moyang Bojos mask and believed to be possesed by that very spirit would join in the dance with the girls. The rhytm of the music played during this ritual is known as'cekak musang'.

Apart from its ritualistic function, this dance is also performed as a form of entertainment during gatherings such as weddings and when receiving outside guests. In the latter, a poem of love would be sung in the spirit of festive bantering. 

An elaborate ritual involving dancers with intricately-carved masks performed Jo-oh dance.

Pictures of the month.

Participant practice yoga at Independent square in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Over 3,000 participants are gathered for the new record attempt in Malaysia Book of Records for the largest yoga gathering in Malaysia. Zulfadhli Zaki

EX Rimau exercise  at KLCC. Asyraf Rasid

Ex Rimau Practice in conjunction with the 2017 SEA Games at the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) today. The training which is taking place today and tomorrow is aimed at preventing any events that could threaten public order during the August 19 to 30 Games. Shahrill Basri

People are trying out public service at MRT Kl Sentral station,The MRT Sungai Buloh–Kajang line is the ninth rail transit line and the second fully automated and driverless rail system in the Klang Valley area. Shahrill Basri

Public tried the new MRT Sungai Buloh-Kajang lane for free today during launches MRT Sungai Buloh - Kajang (SBK) Line at Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) MRT Station, Kuala Lumpur. Adib Rawi Yahya