MASRY CHE ANI / theSun ~ Tan Khai Tong, 75, the owner of Kee Sang Tong Medical Hall, which has been in operation for nearly 60 years in Lebuh Campbell.  

 ASYRAF RASID / theSun ~ World Vision Ambassador, Merilee Pierce  Bunker during an interview session.

 NORMAN HIU/ theSun ~ Hat designer, Berman Wong during an interview with theSun.

 NORMAN HIU/ theSun ~ GW Plastics Holding Chief Executive Officer Lim Kok Boon gestures during a media conference after the company's EGM. 

 ADIB RAWI / theSun ~ Cartoonist, Mimi Mashud during an interview with theSun. 

 ASYRAF RASID / theSun ~ Dr Tan Hui Leng during a interview on GEMS School.

 ASYRAF RASID / theSun ~ Zlwin gestures during an interview.

ADIB RAWI YAHYA / theSun ~ Tan Sri Dr Mohd Munir Abdul Majid, Bank Muamalat Chairman speaks to reporters.