Liyana Jasmay with ZULFADHLI ZAKI

The award winning actress Liyana Jasmay plays a blind woman named Dhia in the movie Isyarat Cinta that will hit cinemas on March 19.
Isyarat Cinta is a love triangle story where her character, Dhia is torn between loving two men- a deaf man who is a successful businessman, Iskander, played by Adi Putra and a handsome man who is a tourist guide, Ariel, played by Fizo Omar. 
Liyana says :”It was challenging to play a blind woman and I am eager to see the reaction of the audience towards my performance.” 
Soon, Liyana will be producing her first feature film called Bella & Jamie under her own production company Mermaid Studios. It is a comedy film that touches on two best friends who fall in love with the same guy and from friends, the girls become fierce enemies. The shooting for Bella & Jamie will begin in April.

Pix by Zulfadhli Zaki