"Mercy Came Running" by ADIB RAWI YAHYA

This Easter, Calvary Church Kuala Lumpur is sending a beacon call to the city of Kuala Lumpur with their much-awaited musical, "Mercy Came Running", on April 3-5. 

"This musical opens our eyes to see that most things we place our hope in, are like shifting sands. That was what Peter, the main character of the musical, experienced. He tried so hard to find life's fulfillment and significance, only to fall flat, with stinging failure and regret," said Rev David Seah, the Publicity Coordinator of the project. 

There will be dramatic presentation of stories of individuals, which the audience can well identify, such as the lady who suffered a moral failure and a son who ran away from home. 

The end of their stories was nothing like how they began. Their problems, beyond any human ability to solve, were fertile ground for the seeds of mercy to fall. 

"Watch out for the climatic ending of Peter's story. Failure is definitely not final! Staging this family-friendly musical is our way of showing that we greatly value family-bonding, and to proclaim to our beloved city of Kuala Lumpur that there is hope for every situation" Rev Seah said. 

The 150-strong Production Team of the Church will present heart-warming songs, captivating dances and touching dramatic elements. SunPix by ADIB RAWI YAHYA