Top pix of mid April 2015

ZULFADHLI ZAKI / theSun ~ A soldier during the guard of honour inspection by the Sultan of Selangor at the opening ceremony of the Selangor State Assembly at the state secretariat building. 

MASRY CHE ANI / theSun ~ Bicycle enthusiast Syarmila Rastam checks out second hand bicycles from Japan at Yang Ming Bicycle Shop in Jawi. About 1000 bicycle were on sale at the shop in Jawi that has attracted many bicycle fans from all over Penang to the shop.

ASYRAF RASID / theSun ~ Stage perfomance during Berjaya Founder's Day 2015. 

ASHRAF SHAMSUL AZLAN / theSun ~  A biscuits seller at her booth during the launching of the Bazaar Program at the Memorial Tun Abdul Razak in Kuala Lumpur. 

ZULFADHLI ZAKI / theSun ~ Members of the Civil Defence during the 63rd Civil Defence Day.
MASRY CHE ANI / theSun ~ Taxi drivers belonging to a cooperative are crying foul as they claim they have to pay every time they enter the Penang Sentral temporary terminal here to pick up passengers. About 100 taxi drivers held up placards to protest against the move during the 10am rally which ended about half an hour later.

ASHRAF SHAMSUL AZLAN / theSun ~ A police helicopter lifts the larger parts from the site of the crash. The wreckage of the ill-fated Dauphin helicopter that crashed here on Saturday could take up to a week to be fully recovered.

ADIB RAWI YAHYA / theSun ~ It has become a tradition in Berjaya to celebrate its Founder's Day with a magnificent dragon cake. This year is also no exception with bakers baking up a 50m long chocolate dragon cake that breathes 'smoke' which can feed up to 15,000 guests at the 5th Berjaya Founder's Day celebration on Saturday, March 28. Ever since the first Berjaya Founder's Day celebration in 2011, a cake in the form of a dragon is always presented to the founder Tan Sri Vincent Tan, now 63, who was born in the year of the dragon. The Chinese dragon traditionally represents potent and auspicious powers while signifying influence, strength, and good luck for people who are worthy of it.

ADIB RAWI YAHYA / theSun ~ A Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) staff shows the new MeterOn mobile app to help taxi passengers rate the performance of cabbies.

ZULFADHLI ZAKI / theSun ~ A visitor with a Samsung Galaxy S6 merchandise during the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.