Top pix of mid April 2015

 ASHRAF SHAMSUL AZLAN / thesun ~ A woman reflect during The Skyride Festival Park Media review at Skyride Festival Park, Putrajaya. 

 ZULKIFLI ERSAL / theSun ~ Nicholas Saputra during a photo session after a press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

 ASYRAF RASID / theSun ~ Participants exercises with by members of physiotherapy, WQ Park Health and Rehabilitation Centre during exercise demonstration after the launch of Empowered's Colorectal Cancer Survivors Join the Fight for Cancer Cure at Field in front of Block B, PPR Hiliran Ampang. 

ASHRAF SHAMSUL AZLAN / theSun ~  BMW World Malaysia 2015 Exhibition at Bukit Kiara. 

 MASRY CHE ANI / theSun ~ Ng Yong Loh 50 looking at his banana plantation which was which was hit by windstorm near Kubang Semang, Penang.

 NORMAN HIU/ theSun ~ City council workers removing fallen trees caused by a freak storm recently in Bandar Menjalara before a presser by Segambut MP Lim Lip Eng, Kepong. April 20, 2015. 

 ADIB RAWI YAHYA / theSun ~ Mustapha Ali during press conference for by election Permatang Pauh and Rompin at PKR HQ, Petaling Jaya. 

SYED AZAHAR SYED OSMAN / theSun ~ Zainal Rampak during the press conference to express their support to a Malaysia Prime Minister at MTUC office this morning.