ZULFADHLI ZAKI Soulful Sweetheart

MIDWAY through our conversation, ELIZABETH TAN was approached by two male fans for a photography opportunity. We were seated at a relatively obscure corner of the coffee shop so it seemed bizarre how they could recognise her from behind her back! The 22-year-old said she welcomes interaction with fans – they are to her a "gift and blessing" – but going about on her off days doesn't spare her from public attention.

"Wherever I go, people stare at me – but they don't come up to me. And I can hear them whispering my name. It doesn't bother me that much but I lose privacy. Sometimes I go out in t-shirts, shorts, glasses on, hair uncombed and a face free from make-up and I still get recognised," said the Melawati local.  Pix by ZULFADHLI ZAKI